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S 2-D Software

Reproducing, Evaluating and Visualizing

Schwartz’s 2-Dimensional Value Space

What does S2-D do?

S2-D is a computer progamme that helps researchers to reproduce, evaluate and visualise Schwartz’s 2-dimensional value space using empirical data in a Goodness-of-Fit test procedure. The automation of this procedure almost completely replaces the manual methods used previously by researchers working with Schwartz’s 2-dimensional model and performing confirmatory Smallest Space Analysis (SSA).

SSA is a specific multi-dimensional scaling technique that plots variables as points on a multi-dimensional spatial map and into the smallest possible geometric space. The points or co-ordinates are located on the spatial map according to the similarity of the coefficients (e.g. Pearson Correlation Coefficients) among the variables: closely related variables are plotted close together and dissimilar variables further apart.

S2-D is faster, more accurate and standardises the Goodness-of-Fit test procedure in reproducing Schwartz’s two-dimensional model based on SSA.